Day: February 18, 2020

The Bacon County Chamber of Commerce is seeking a dynamic, energetic, and highly motivated individual for the position of administrative assistant. This position will support the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and will be accountable for the effective and efficient operation of the organization.

Job Responsibilities:
Leadership: providing objective advisement to the Board and membership regarding setting and implementation of policy, priorities, and establishing a program of work. The administrative assistant will work closely with the city and county government officials, Bacon County Economic Development Authority, civic organizations, the City of Alma, and other community organizations in a collaborative effort to attract business and industry, promote community events, and develop a ready workforce in Bacon County.

Advocacy: Will assist the Chamber Board in devising and implementing a program that assures the Chamber’s membership and the business community are provided highly visible, well respected, and keenly effective representation.

Education: To undertake programs and activities that improve the business community’s ability to succeed in doing business, that identify and develop future community leaders and that address workforce needs and trends.
Membership: To provide an array of services and an effective marketing effort that will lead to membership growth and fiscal stability for the Bacon County. In doing so, increase the visibility of the Chamber regionally and attract members from small and large companies and across economic and geographic sectors. The assistant will maintain current a directory of active Chamber membership and potential membership.

-Proficient with Microsoft Office or comparable office software
-Superior communication skills
-Ability and willingness to attend functions after normal business hours
and/or weekends.
-Ability and willingness to attend occasional out-of-town conferences /

Additional duties:
-coordinate, with support of Board, speakers for lunch and learn activities
-maintain Chamber web page, Facebook, and other social media outlets
-maintain Chamber cell-phone and answering service

Job Type: Part-time (Mon-Friday: 9am to 12 noon or as determined by Board officers)

Submit resume and application in person to Cherry Rewis at the Bacon County Development Authority, 504 N Pierce St, Alma, GA 31510 between 9am and 5pm.

Job posting closes March 6th.